Victorian School Holidays 2016- Terms and Holiday Dates

Victorian School Holidays

Victorian school holidays are listed here for immediate reference of all students and parents. This most densely populated region and the population mostly concentrated around Melbourne. Victorian school holidays 2016 in all the state government schools are uniform. We have also shared here the dates of all the terms and all the VIC school holidays for year 2016. Students and parents are keenly looking to know the schedules of their school vacations that follow finish of the each term. The state schools of Victoria follow the same module of four terms with holidays of few days after each term. The school year starts in the month of January after the New Year holidays and end around December before the summer start in Australia.

Victorian School Holidays

Victoria’s education system is one of the oldest and dates back to year 1872 when the then present colonial government had made schooling free as well mandatory. Currently, Victorian school education system comprises seven years of schooling at primary level and six years of secondary level schooling. The school holidays are decided by the state government’s department of education and training. A big list of school holidays 2016 throughout the Australia was already shared before. Go through the table given in next section to know your Victorian school holidays 2016 as well the term dates.

VIC School Holidays and Term Dates 2016

Find below the Victorian School Holidays calendar for term dates and holidays for year 2016. The Victorian state schools follow four terms with variations in dates for the final term’s endings of the 10, 11 and 12 Years.

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Victoria School Holidays 2016 and VIC Term Dates 2016

Term / Victorian School Holidays Date of Commencement Date of Finishing
Term 1 27 January 2016, Wednesday 24 March 2016, Thursday
School Holidays 25 March 2016, Friday 10 April 2016, Sunday
Term 2 11 April 2016, Monday 24 June 2016, Friday
School Holidays 25 June 2016, Saturday 10 July, 2016, Sunday
Term 3 11 July 2016, Monday 16 September 2016, Friday
School Holidays 17 September 2016, Saturday 2 October 2016, Sunday
Term 4* 3 October 2016, Monday 20 December 2016, Tuesday
2016/2017 Summer School Holidays 21 December 2016, Wednesday 30 January 2017, Monday


The information given here is implied only for the state government schools of Victoria. The non government independent and Catholic schools decide their school holidays on basis of the holidays declared by the state government schools only. However the Victorian school holidays and term dates can differ from school to school in case of non government schools. In such case, student can browse for the specific school and look for its school holidays at its official website.

The very first day of the 1st term in all the state government schools is a student-free day and the planning is done for the arrival of students. Total four student free days are observed in Victorian government schools. Moreover, all the national public holidays are also followed by Victorian state government schools including Labour Day, Australia Day, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, Good Friday and Queen’s Birthday.The non government independent schools in Victoria generally follow the term dates of the state schools as given in this post with slight variations in dates.

Ideas for School Holidays Victoria

Victoria has a splendid combination of historical, cultural and natural places to explore. For Victorian state, spring school holidays are considered the best times for outdoors as the days are quite mild and perfect for vacationing. Victoria’s main attractions start with its main capital city of Melbourne which is a city with plethora of places to rejoice for connoisseurs of food, music, art and film festivals. Besides Melbourne city, Victoria has holiday destinations in form of rainforests and landscape like Mungo National Park. For kids, there are famous places like Dandenong National Park and Dandenong Mount to explore.

Victoria’s Portsea beach is one of Australia’s favourite surfing sites. The state is having more than 2000 kilometres with almost hundred beaches. The region of Goldfields in the historical cities of Beechworth, Maldon, Dalesford and Ballarat are also a unique kind of tourist attractions. Winter school holidays in Victoria can be enjoyed in Gippsland if you love downhill skiing. While in summer, Victoria school holiday destinations are offered by the surroundings of Alpine for hiking, rafting, biking and abseiling.

Overall, there are several places to explore in Victorian school holidays 2016 including the ones mentioned earlier and also Phillip Island that is surrounded by wonderful wildlife and scenic beauty of the Great Ocean Road. Lots of places are available to enjoy during all terms Victorian School Holidays. The Victorian tertiary education system also follows the ATAR ranking likewise many states of Australia. Follow atar calculator website for more information about the same. You will also find dates for NSW school terms, QLD school holidays and public holidays of all Australian states. Also find all the Easter Dates 2016 at our site to plan out your Easter celebrations.

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