School Holidays 2016/ 2017– Terms and Holidays Regionwise

Australia School Holidays 2016 /2017

Each jurisdiction or territory in Australia follows uniform model as far as school terms, public holidays and school vacations are concerned. You will get detailing on the School Holidays 2016 /2017 as well the term dates of all territories of Australia here which are thoughtfully compiled from the various Australian government websites. Four terms per year are followed with variations in starting and ending dates of each term in each state including New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and others including Northern Territory. However these dates are subject to change by the state authorities at any time and hence it advisable to check these dates from time to time. Students and parents will also get some exciting school holiday ideas in this post.

School Term Dates and School Holidays 2016 / 2017

school holidays 2016- 2017

The school year in Australian states stretches from January to December and main School holidays comes around four times a year and the same times make the holiday destinations buzz with tourists. As the term for year 2015 is about to end, the list of Australian School Holidays 2016/2017 will help you to plan out your vacation trips in advance. The autumn break makes the perfect time for outdoors when the days are sunny having 20 to 30 degree C. in most of the parts of the country.

Though the most popular School Holidays period is the autumn break that falls between the Term 1 and the Term 2 and comes around the Easter holidays, the Christmas school holidays is the longest break in the school calendars of all Australian states as it runs from 5 to 6 weeks. Read on further for some great school holiday ideas for all school term breaks.

Australian School Holidays

The first term school holidays in Australia runs during the Easter holidays and autumn season and also a great time to explore the outdoors in the country. The time marks the beginning of the whale watching and shark watching at the various coastal attractions. The first round of holidays after the completion of the first term of the school are in April and popularly known as April holidays too.

NSW school holidays 2016

The second part of Australian school holidays come in the winter months of June –July. Many head towards the warm destinations like Gold Coast, Queensland, Whitsunday islands etc as this is the perfect time for whale-watchers. The third term’s completion brings holidays in the best season of spring for students when the weather is warm enough somewhere and cool in some parts of country and a great time for surfing, sailing and kayaking.

The end of the fourth and final school term for students in Australia’s states comes at the end of the year which includes longest festival time of Christmas and New Year. The time of the year also marks summer holidays Australia with some parts turning extremely hot as well wet during this time of the year, especially the Northern Territory, some portion of Queensland and some parts like Kimberley in Western Australia. Its also the sports time in the country with cricket, grand slam and other outdoor events observed largely.

Mostly, the dates of Australian states’ school holidays are determined by the Department of Education of respective states which slight vary by few days and the Summer or Christmas holidays being the longest vacation lasting for 6 weeks. It starts usually from mid of the December till late January of the next year. Year 10 gets finished at the end of the November, while year 12 gets over before mid or end of October. Year 11 finishes at the end of October too. The duration of each school terms are approx. 10 weeks with school holidays at the end of the every term. All the Australian states will have similar school holidays 2016/2017 and vacations barring some exceptions. The above links will well acquaint the students with the school holidays and the terms for 2016 and 2017.

School Holidays & Terms 2016/2017

Download South Australia Public Holiday 2016/2017 Calender — from here

New South Wales School Caldenar 2016/2017 –

Queensland School Caldenar and Terms for 2016/2017 –

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) School Terms Date –

Victorian School Holidays and Terms for 2016/2017 –

Western Australia –

Northern Territory –

Tasmania –

Australian State Holidays – 2017

In case, if you are more interested you can always check the links mentioned below. Our intention is to provide Australi school holidays and terms for the year 2016 / 2017.  Following are the terms table for Australian state holidays which should help in understanding everything according to different terms. During the December month, Atar 2015 result will be announced and you can check it online from the guide given on our website.

Dates Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
 ACT 27 Jan – 07 Apr 26 Apr – 30 Jun 17 Jul – 22 Sep 09 Oct – 15 Dec
 VIC 30 Jan – 31 Mar 18 Apr – 30 Jun 17 Jul – 22 Sep 09 Oct – 22 Dec
 QLD 23 Jan – 31 Mar 18 Apr – 23 Jun 10 Jul – 15 Sep 03 Oct – 08 Dec
 WA 01 Feb – 07 Apr 24 Apr – 30 Jun 17 Jul – 22 Sep 09 Oct – 14 Dec
 SA 30 Jan – 13 Apr 01 May – 07 Jul 24 Jul – 29 Sep 16 Oct – 15 Dec
 TAS 08 Feb – 13 Apr 01 May – 07 Jul 24 Jul – 29 Sep 16 Oct – 21 Dec
 NSW 30 Jan – 07 Apr  (Eastern Div.)
06 Feb – 07 Apr (Western Div.)
26 Apr – 30 Jun 18 Jul – 22 Sep 09 Oct – 15 Dec
 NT 27 Jan – 07 Apr (urban schools)
30 Jan – 07 Apr (remote schools)
18 Apr – 23 Jun 24 Jul – 29 Sep 09 Oct – 14 Dec (urban schools)
09 Oct – 15 Dec (remote schools)

If you are looking for more guides related to Australian education system then feel free to let us know. Australian School holidays 2016 / 2017 should have helped students and parents about the upcoming school terms and holidays. Atar calculator website will bring more useful stuff over here. Do not forget to subscribe to us for the more information.

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