QLD School Holidays 2016- School Terms and Holiday Dates

QLD School Holidays

QLD School Holidays are listed in this post for benefit of students and parents. The tertiary year spans from January to December in Queensland State of Australia. We have given in this post, all the dates of the QLD school holidays 2016. You will also get some interesting holiday ideas for vacationing in Queensland. Queensland State is the second largest state in Australia after Western Australia. The school holidays at government schools in this state are the school vacations following the completion of the four terms. The largest school vacation is the one which falls in December for Christmas and New Year holidays and comes after the final term of the academic year. All the public holidays 2016 in Australia have been covered by us along with the school holidays.

Students will also find here the term dates for all the four terms followed in state schools of Queensland. Queensland is one state in Australia that follows the Overall positioning system instead of the ATAR ranking system for the students of Year 12. Dates of Queensland school holidays are shared below.

QLD School Holidays

Queensland School Holidays and Term Dates 2016

Find below the complete calendar of the QLD School Holidays and Term dates for all the four terms of the state government schools in Queensland.

QLD School Holidays and Term Dates

Term / School Holidays Commencement Date End Date Duration
Term 1 25th January 2016, Monday 24th March 2016, Thursday 9 weeks
School Holidays 25th March 2016, Monday 10th April, 2016, Sunday
Term 2 11 April 2016, Monday 24 June, 2016 Friday 11 weeks
School Holidays 25th June 2016, Saturday 10 July 2016, Sunday
Term 3 11th  July 2016, Monday 16th  September 2016, Friday 10 weeks
School Holidays 17th  September 2016, Saturday 3rd  October 2016, Monday
Term 4 4th October 2016, Tuesday 9 December 2016, Friday 10 weeks
2016/2017 Summer School Holidays 10th December 2016, Saturday 22nd January 2017, Sunday

Note: The finishing dates for term 4 of Year 10, 11 and 12 are different from other years and hence as under:

  • Year 10: 25th November 2016
  • Year 11: 25th November 2016
  • Year 12: 18th November 2016

The independent schools and the catholic schools in Queensland decide on their school holidays separately. The Schools in far North Queensland as well Western Queensland commence their summer school holidays one week prior to other state government schools.

Ideas for Queensland Holidays

In Australia, education is basically the responsibility of the state and territory. Government of each state regulates and funds the schools within the territory and state. The school holidays in Australia fall in each different season and hence provide varied opportunities for outdoors in each vacation. Queensland has majority of the world natural heritage sites in Australia to see. The Scenic Rim National Parks, The Wet Tropic including Daintree National Park, Fraser Island, the Great Barrier Reef and the Riversleigh Fossil Fields are great outdoors during QLD school holidays.

Queensland is also a state of several beautiful landscapes like tropical coastal areas and the lush green rainforests as well highland ranges which are temperate in nature. The main attraction for outdoors during QLD school holidays are Brisbane, Port Douglans, Magnetic Islands, Townsville, South and North Stradbroke, Whitsundays, Daydream Island, Sunshine Coast, Whitehaven Beach and heritage sites as mentioned earlier.

Queensland state authorities also follow the public holidays and show holidays mostly in common with other states barring few regional holidays like Ekka Holiday in Brisbane city only. Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Labour Day, New Year Day, Christmas, Queen’s Birthday and Good Friday are some of the major Queensland public holidays. We have also posted on dates for NSW school holidays and Australia’s Victorian school holidays for 2016. QLD School Holidays listings are searched by thousands of youngsters and parents to plan out their vacation trips well before. Besides that you can find several other information related to Australian education system from atarcalculatorscore.net website.

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