NSW School Holidays 2016- School Terms & Holidays

NSW School Holidays

The school year 2016 will soon begin in New South Wales and hence we have shared here the complete list and ideas for NSW School Holidays 2016 that will be followed by the state schools in New South Wales. Though, the school holidays, term dates and school vacations are modelled similarly in all the states of Australia, there minor variations of dates. Comprehensive school holidays 2016 list has already been covered by us before covering all the major territories which you can easily go through. As the school year runs parallel to the Georgian calendar, the final and longest NSW school holidays occur during the December and January that also coincides with the Christmas and New festivals. You can go through the school holidays NSW 2016 at the link we have shared here for the governmental site of New South Wales for Department of Education.

NSW School Holidays/Terms 2016

Find below the list of NSW school holidays for ready reference of all students and parents.

School Holidays NSW Start Date End Date
After Term 1 9 April 2016, Saturday 25 April 2016, Monday
After Term 2 2 July 2016, Saturday 17 July 2016, Sunday
After Term 3 24 September 2016, Saturday 9 October 2016, Sunday
Summer School Vacation

after Final Term 4

21st December 2016, Wednesday

The info will help students and parents to plant out their holiday outdoors well before. You can also find other public holidays observed in Government schools of NSW at the link shared in the further section.

nsw school holidays 2016- 2017

New South Wales School Holiday Dates

Students can browse through the below shared link for NSW government site for Department of Education to check the School Holidays in NSW government schools.

With above link, you can look for all the NSW School Holidays by selecting the year and the month. However to know the dates of your all terms’ school vacation, we have already listed the dates above. Also share are the term dates for benefits of students to know the starting of each of their four terms in 2016.

New South Wales has great outdoor destinations for each school holidays NSW students get to enjoy. Australian fall season marks the first school holidays which happen to be after the first term along with the Easter festival. Northern coast is explored by surfers and beach lovers for enjoyment of autumn school holidays in NSW.

New South Wales also offers huge options for families to enjoy during winter school holidays in July. Families go embarking on the New South Wales’s southern highlands where snowy mountains in Alpine present a picturesque land for skiing and snowboarding.

NSW also offers great visiting places during spring NSW school holidays and during summer for kids and elders equally due to its wildlife parks and zoos and beaches spread across its vast coastline.

NSW School Terms 2016

Here are dates for starting and ending of each four terms of the government New South Wales schools. NSW school terms 2016 is given in a tabular form for the simplicity. You should also refer the official website for any changes. All Australian states follow the four terms model for the academic year but the minor difference of dates persist.

Term Term Start Date Term End Date
Term 1 27 January 2016, Wednesday 8 April 2016, Friday
Term 2 26 April 2016, Tuesday 1 July 2016, Friday
Term 3 8 July 2016, Monday 23 September 2016, Friday
Term 4 10th October 2016, Monday 20 December 2016, Tuesday

We have compiled the NSW term dates from the governmental sites and they are subject to change at later date according to announcements by government educational authorities of New South Wales. Atar calculator has also been provided for those looking to calculate their hsc result score. There are also tentative dates of atar 2015 results announced by the officials if you are waiting for your hsc result.

Students of 12 Year should also note that their term ending dates for the final term may differ and will be announced at later date as they appear for final exams during mid October. We have also shared dates of school holidays of other states including Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria School Holidays, ACT School Holidays and School Holidays Queensland. NSW School Holidays 2016 are followed by completion of each academic term that last for duration 10 weeks. The NSW School Holidays are also popularly known as autumn school holidays, winter school holidays, summer school holidays and spring holidays. We will also be providing you the list of public holidays 2016 for all Australian states.

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