NSW Public Holidays 2016

NSW Public Holidays

Public holidays in New South Wales are generally followed in national pattern with some exceptions. Find the complete listing of the NSW Public Holidays 2016 including national as well regional holidays. Barring national holidays, rest of the holidays are decided by the state government of New South Wales according to regulation Public Holidays Act 2010. New South Wales’ public holidays are divided into two categories i.e. state wide and region wide. The state wide NSW public holidays are observed by all the regions of the state which include major holidays like Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Boxing Day and Queen’s Birthday. Interested people can also refer to the NSW school holidays 2016 list which we shared earlier. It includes several other important school holidays that are supposed to be observed in all the state government schools.

Region wide NSW public holidays are those special holidays that are observed only in the specific regions of the New South Wales state. These regional holidays are generally recognized for some kind of local shows or some horse racing or sporting event. Some regions also follow half day public holidays for some shows. For example Grafton observes a half day off for the Ramornie Race day and also for the Grafton Cup day.

nsw public holidays 2016

Find below the link to find NSW public holidays:

In New South Wales, the first Monday of the August month is also a NSW public holiday for all the banks and financial institutions. We have also shared the dates of the major public holidays below in the next section.

Public Holidays NSW – 2016

The state law of New South Wales is Public Holidays Act 2010 which allocates 11 standard public holidays. However, workers of many industries like cafe, restaurants don’t get off on Easter Sundays and Easter Saturday.

New South Wales Public Holidays List for 2016

Holiday 2016
New Year’s Day Friday, 1 January
Australia Day Tuesday, 26 January
Good Friday Friday, 25 March
Easter Saturday
(the Saturday following Good Friday)
Saturday, 26 March
Easter Sunday Sunday, 27 March
Easter Monday Monday, 28 March
Anzac Day Monday, 25 April
Queen’s Birthday Monday, 13 June
Bank Holiday Monday, 1 August
Labour Day Monday, 3 October
Christmas Day public holiday Sunday, 25 December
Boxing Day Monday, 26 December
Additional Day Tuesday, 27 December

 Note: The Bank Holiday on 1st Monday of August month applies only to the banks and financial institutions.

nsw public holidays

The public holidays 2016 in New South Wales are substituted when they occur on weekends. If New Years Day, Christmas or Boxing Day and Australia Day falls on Sunday or Saturday, a holiday is given on following Monday. Additional holiday on Monday is also declared if Anzac day falls on Sunday. However if it falls on Saturday, no holiday is given on Monday in substitute. The regulations pertaining to paid or not paid public holidays also depend on the state. If a person works on holiday, he is paid two and a half times of his normal pay rate.

Beside the public holidays, the employees who are working for the full time are also given 20 days of annual leave. However the number of holidays may vary depending upon the agreement of employment.

ACT Public Holidays 2016

The Australian Capital Territories public holidays can be viewed in a pdf format at the below link of governmental site of ACT.

ACT Public Holidays 2016 is available here too.

ACT region also follows public holiday for Family and Community day. This public holiday is given without any regional, historical or religious event, only to give chance to people to get a break from work and spend good time with family and friends just at the start of the spring. Public holiday Canberra Day falls on the second Monday of March to celebrate the naming of Canberra.

Some important holidays list is given below

School holidays in WA

School holiday in SA

QLD school holidays

Find host of other significant info on public holidays of Australian states and School Holidays 2016, school holiday ideas and attractions. NSW Public holidays 2016 will help you draw out your picnics and outings in New South Wales. With almost sixteen regions offering different outdoors, New South Wales has several exciting places for outings and entertainment. New South Wales has abundant of national parks including rain forests, marine wonderlands and water parks. It also has great places for sporting for entertainment of kids. Besides NSW Public Holidays, we have also posted listings of NSW school holidays and term dates for year 2016. You can also check the Victorian school holidays & terms listed on our website. Do stop at our site for info on public holidays and school holidays of Australian states.

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