Easter Dates 2016: Easter Holiday Dates for Year 2016

Dates for Easter 2016

Get a complete calendar of all the Easter Dates 2016. Easter is one of the public holidays in Australia where national wide holiday is celebrated. It is one of the widely celebrated by Christians all over the world. The Easter Day is celebrated by Christians all over the world to commemorate and worship the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. Easter falls on 27th of March, Sunday in 2016. The Easter Sunday dates keep on varying every year and hence we have shared here the complete calendar of all Easter dates 2016 including Good Friday, Palm Sunday, Monty Thursday, Holy Saturday, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday too. The lent season stretches from Ash Wednesday till the Easter Sunday arrives. The whole of nation observes public holidays during the Easter dates from Good Friday till Sunday. The schools in Australia are having their first term autumn school holidays during the Easter time. This day is also known as Paschal.

easter holiday 2016

Read on further to know all the Easter dates 2016 in detail. The Easter is a flexible feast that changes dates every year. The Paschal day is celebrated by feasting on decorated and colorful Easter Eggs. The date of Easter varies every year as it is determined on moon cycles. The day is observed on the first Sunday after the first full moon or the first day of autumn in Australia which is the first day of spring in northern hemisphere.

What Date is Easter 2016?

Here are the complete Easter dates 2016 for all days. The Easter holidays consist the longest weekend of the year and the main festival occurring in autumn season in Australia.

All Easter dates 2016

  • Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day – 9th February 2016
  • Ash Wednesday – 10th February 2016
  • Palm Sunday – 20th March 2016
  • Holy Thursday – 24th March 2016
  • Good Friday – 25th March 2016
  • Holy Saturday – 26th March 2016
  • Easter Sunday – 27th March 2016
  • Easter Monday – 28th March 2016

Since, Easter falls on Sunday, all states in Australia provide additional holiday on following Monday. Easter which is a celebration of renewal and new life falls in autumn in Australia due to its location in Southern Hemisphere.

easter dates 2016

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Easter Holidays 2016

The school holidays are declared for the autumn school vacation after the 1st term is over and the duration also marks the time of Easter holidays. The Easter is celebrated to mark the rising of Jesus Christ after he was crucified and died on the cross. The Easter Sunday marks the end of the 40-45 days of Lent season and is always celebrated on the Sunday that follows Good Friday. Since the first day of autumn in Australia or the first day of spring in Northern Hemisphere varies, the Church has set the official date of the March equinox as 21st March without referring to the actual date of March equinox of the year. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon following 21st of March in any year. The first full moon after the Paschal Sunday is also known as Paschal full moon. Easter is a celebration that continues for almost 45 days, beginning from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. Plan out your Easter holidays 2016 as you already know the Easter dates 2016. Easter holiday bring a joyous day after the 40-45 days long lent season when no celebrations, merriments and joyful events are observed. Our complete list of all the days related to Easter dates 2016 will surely help you to know when the Good Friday and Holy Saturday are scheduled.

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