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ATAR score are to determine student’s relative aptitude for entry into university graduate programs. Though people call it ATAR score; basically it is a system of scaling or ranking and rather better defined as rank than score. Australian HSC Students are given ATAR scores after completion of a two year 11-12 studies which is their gateway to get admissions into different university programs. ATAR stands for Australia Tertiary Admission Rank which is also popularly known as ATAR scores.

Generally the top ranked universities like Australian National University, University of Wollongong, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, and University of New South Wales keep the highest ATAR as a requirement for admission which may vary course to course. Less reputed universities use this ranking system just as essential academic requirement instead of setting ATAR scores. Some states of Australia like Queensland do not follow the ATAR and have their separate system for benchmarking students for admission process to colleges.

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ATAR Score & ATAR Cut Off

This score is calculated from a single aggregate which should be the sum of the four best or primary subjects added into the 10% of the sum of the two subjects. 17th December will be the date when Atar result 2015 will be declared. Make sure you check the official portal on that date to know your result. The maximum subjects allowed to be taken for calculation of ATAR score or Entry scores are maximum 6. While some specific subjects like English are compulsory to be taken in the four primary subjects, some courses are mandated to be one of the lowest two contributing subjects only.

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ATAR Cut Off scores are also known as Entry Scores in Australia as they are standard ATAR score set by universities for entry into various programs. The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank of any Student can be calculated with ATAR calculator. The estimation of ATAR scores are generally based on previous years’ rankings or ATAR. Cut off ATAR or entry scores are the minimum ATAR required for admission into any course. Thus, cut off ATAR is a fixed figure or a figure required for guaranteed entry.

To put it simply, if your ATAR is above cut off, you are qualified for the admission. If your ATAR scores are lower than the cut off, you will not be eligible for it. It is also recommended that you check Atar notes website for more information on the same. However the ATAR cut off are indicators of prestige and ranking of universities rather than good course quality or teaching. Hence, the top universities keep their cut off entry scores highest. Universities also use entry scores to fill places or fill some quote of places. The final ATAR cut off means the ATAR scores of the last student admitted.

What is ATAR?

The ATAR is a ticket for HSC students to get admissions into various university courses. The more the ATAR scores are, the more are the chances bright to get admissions into top reputed universities and for top courses.

The ATAR was introduced by Australian government in year 2009-2010 as it announced the elimination of Universities Admission Index to be replaced by Australian Tertiary Admission Rank or ATAR. This ranking system is followed in Australian Capital Territory and the New South Wales and all other parts of country except Queensland which still follows its Overall Position system. We have provided a detailed guide on Atar calculation and how you can calculate Atar score easily.

Students get curious to know what will be their ATAR as soon as their scores of the final 11-12 studies are declared. As a consequence, lots of students search for the very popular ATAR calculator. Many websites provides an ATAR calculator where students can just enter their aggregate and get their estimated ATAR. It is quite simple to know your estimated ATAR scores with the help of conversion tables released by VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre) which shows previous years’ statistics of Aggregate to ATAR.

ATAR scores were introduced in order to centralize the admission process in states of Australia. Before introduction of ATAR rank or scores each state in Australia was following its own separate system of benchmarking students for admission. If you liked our post on ATAR score, do share it with your friends and class mates for their privilege. We would also love to have your comments.

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