ACT School Holidays 2016 and ACT Public Holidays 2016

ACT School Holidays & Terms 2016

School Holidays in Australian Capital Territory follow the four terms in each different season. We have shared ACT School Holidays and Term Dates for year 2016 here. The holiday list shared here applies only to the state government schools. Other independent schools and Catholic schools decide the dates of their holidays individually. However, more or less they do follow the model of ACT School Holidays of government schools. Besides the school holidays ACT, we have also shared the public holidays as well some interesting tips for holiday seasons in ACT. Except the school holidays that follow each term, schools in ACT are also closed for all the public holidays including regional, national and religious holidays. A detailed list of all school holidays in 2016 has already been shared with the readers before long with the list of public holidays 2016 in Australia.

The major other school holidays observed in ACT are Anzac Day, Labour Day, Australia Day, Queen’s Birthday, Canberra Day. The major religious holidays i.e. Easter holidays, Christmas and New Year Holidays fall during the school vacations of the first term and the final term. The final term is followed by the longest school vacations that occur during the Christmas Holidays in December and January. These public holidays are also ACT School Holidays for year 2016. During the month of the December one can expect a small school vacation after the announcement of Atar 2015 results in 3rd week. In fact, our is just made for this sole purpose only.

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Find below the list of the ACT School Holidays for 2016:

Term 1 School Holidays 9 April 2016, Saturday to Monday 25 April 2016
Term 2 School Holidays 2 July 2016, Saturday to Sunday 17 July 2016
Term 3 School Holidays 24 September 2016, Saturday to Sunday 9 October 2016
Term 4 School Holidays 17 December 2016, Saturday to Thursday 26th January 2017

The most popular school holiday period in Australian states are the autumn break that comes during the first term ACT school holidays. Get the list of SA school holidays and WA school holidays if you are looking for a territorywise holidays list. Similarly popular holidays are the Christmas New Year holidays that runs for the longest duration of 5 to 6 weeks.

ACT School Term Dates 2016

Schools in Australian Capital Territories follow the four terms during the academic year. Find below the list of the Term Dates start and end for all the four terms. However the finishing dates for the fourth term for Year 12 may differ and will be announced by the schools at later stage.

The dates of terms and holiday in the state government schools are decided by the Department of the Education in ACT. Though all the states in Australia follow the uniform four-term in a year model, the date of commencement and the date of finish of the ACT school holidays and the terms do have variations. In some cases there is a difference of few days or even more than a week.

ACT Term Dates 2016

  • Term 1 – 1st February 2016, Monday to 8th April 2016, Friday
  • Term 2 – 26th April 2016, Tuesday to 1st July 2016, Friday
  • Term 3 – 18th July 2016, Monday to 23rd September 2016, Friday
  • Term 4 – 10th October 2016, Monday to 16th December 2016, Friday

The first term start date for Teachers is 28th January 2016, Thursday. The final term or the fourth term marks the change of the academic year and is followed by longest school vacation of Christmas and New Year.

act public holiday 2016

ACT Public Holidays 2016

Besides school holidays, the state government schools in ACT also follow all the other holidays that fall during the terms. Here we have shared the list of the Public Holidays of Australian Capital Territory.

  1. Friday, 1 January 2016 – New Year’s Day
  2. Tuesday, 26 January 2016 – Australia Day
  3. Monday, 14 March 2016 – Canberra Day
  4. Friday, 25 March 2016 – Good Friday
  5. Saturday 26 March 2016 – Easter Saturday
  6. Monday 28 March 2016 – Easter Monday
  7. Monday 25 April 2016 – ANZAC Day
  8. Monday 13 June 2016 – Queen’s Birthday
  9. Monday 26 September 2016 – Family & Community Day
  10. Monday 3 October 2016 – Labour Day
  11. Sunday 25 December 2016 – Christmas Day
  12. Monday 26 December 2016 – Boxing Day
  13. Tuesday 27 December 2016 – Christmas Day Holiday (Additional holiday for Sunday 25 December 2016)

The above holidays are compiled from the state government’s site and they are subject to change in case of any announcement by state authorities.

Canberra Day is a state-specific public holiday of ACT. Australian Capital Territory’s main tourist attraction is its capital city Canberra. It presents an extremely beautiful holiday destination with its fabulous location between Sydney and Melbourne. The city is also nick-named as Bush Capital due to its wide forest, farmland and natural reserves. The main destinations for outdoors are Lake Burley Griffin which is ideal for sailing and kayaking. The Grand Australian War Memorial and vast modern Parliament House are also attracting tourists during holidays.

Likewise, Australian Capital Territory, we have also shared holidays listsing for QLD School Holidays, QLD Public Holidays, NSW School holidays and public holidays, Holidays of South Australia and Western Australia and Victorian School Holidays as well Public Holidays Victoria. Know the dates of all the terms as well major public holidays too including Easter Dates 2016, Christmas Day, New Year Day, Anzac Day, Labour Day, Canberra Day, Queen’s Birthday and Australia Day. Our site offers a common platform to obtain significant information and calendars of all the public holidays 2016 and school holidays of all the states of the Australia. Plan out your vacation treats and trips using the calendars we have shared for various states along with this ACT School Holidays 2016.

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