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Atar Calculator

All the HSC students get desperate to find out their ATAR by searching for Atar Calculator online after receiving their 12 class study scores. Australian Tertiary Admission Rankings – ATAR is a scaling system used towards admissions of HSC students into university course. Though ATAR calculators are provided at many sites, they may not give you your exact ranking or may not be accessible during the peak traffic hours when everyone is looking for ATAR Calculator; hence we are sharing here the method to calculate your ATAR using your aggregate of the VCE study scores. It is previously experienced how even the top ATAR calculator websites went crashed during hours immediately after the results. You will be easily able to estimate your ATAR with this method well before it is announced by authorities. The post will also throw light on what ATAR is for the students who wish to explore on this ranking system.

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It is most natural for 12 students to get overeager to know their ATAR as soon as the results are out, since the ATAR is used as the basic criteria for giving entry into most of the undergraduate-entry universities in Australia barring Queensland. To define it in a nutshell, it is not a percentage or score, but it reflects any student’s overall acquired percentile ranking that will be derived comparing his/her scores to others. ATAR percentile score is awarded between less than 30 and 99.95

How to Calculate your ATAR

While the ATAR score can be calculated on a single aggregate score which should be the sum of four best subjects and 10% of the two subjects; the maximum number of subjects that can be used in assessing ATAR should not be more than 6. Four subjects will be contributing their full value while the last two will be contributing 10% of their value or marks.

It is mandatory for some subjects to be considered in the top four and for some subjects to be considered in the lowest two contributing scores. Such as English is the one of the compulsory subject to be in the top four primary subjects. Moreover, students who are having ATAR lower than 30 would not be given ATAR but their rank would be named as ‘less than 30’.

Follow the complete key steps below to get your estimated Admission Rank with an example for better understanding:

1 – Get the sum of your scores of the primary four subjects. (The scores after scaling should be used while summing up)

2 – Add the 10% of the scores of two subjects to the above derived sum.

3 – You can estimate the ATAR on the final derived sum by using the conversion tables of aggregates to ATAR.

4 – Click here for the VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre) 2014 Aggregate to ATAR Table to know your estimated ATAR.

We give below an example for your better understanding:

Unit ¾ study Subject score (out of 50) Scaled score
Chemistry 30 35
Biology 30 30
English 30 28
Further Maths 30 27
VET Multimedia 30 26
Business Management 30 26

Sum of four primary subjects and 10% of two subjects:

English – 28

Chemistry – 35

Biology – 30

  1. Maths – 27

VET Multi Media – 2.6

Business Management – 2.6

Aggregate comes to 125.2 for which your Admission Rank or ATAR would be around 67.5

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How ATAR is used?

The Australia Tertiary Admission Rank is the basic criterion for entry into most university programs in Australia which was introduced in 2009 and 2010 to replace the ranking systems existing then, like Universities Admission Index and Tertiary Entrance Rank. An ATAR of 99 shows mean that student performed better than 99% of students and scored lower than only 0.5% students.

Since this Admission Rank decides the student’s admission to undergraduate university programs in Australia, thousands of HSC students rush for ATAR calculator online to know their estimated Admission Rank in advance as soon as the study scores are declared. The exact ATAR is given by authorities a day after the declaration of the scores.

However the online ATAR calculators or the estimated Admission Rank are based on the conversion tables of last year and hence do not give you the accurate ATAR you would achieve but a general idea of it. With above method and the VTAC’s previous years’ Aggregate to Atar conversion table, it will be easy for HSC students to calculate their estimated Admission Rank. You may also refer to online ATAR Calculator available at many sites.